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Lector’s Books now on Facebook!

Lector’s Books has a brand new Facebook page! If you’re on Facebook, check us out here.

The page isn’t showing up in Facebook’s search yet, but you can also just go to .


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Last Look Proofreading now available!

To celebrate the launch of my new proofreading service, Last Look Proofreading, I’m giving away three novel-length proofreads. To enter, simply leave a comment below with your vote for the most cringe-worthy typo/writing error (mine is affect/effect) before 6:00 Mountain Time on Friday, May 10th. I will randomly select three comments and notify the winners by email (so you must leave a valid email address). I will proofread a manuscript of your choosing (it can be unpublished or published, if you want to release an updated edition). Check out this page  to learn more about Last Look Proofreading.

Email me at with any questions, and good luck!

Update: I forgot to say that comments need to be moderated manually, so if your comment doesn’t show up immediately, don’t panic! It should be up by the end of the day, at least.

Update: Contest now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated! Winners are Allan, Agnes, and P. Creeden.


I’m baaaack!

Well, I’m back. My son is almost three months old, so I’m hoping to get back into posting regularly. It’s been a crazy but fun ride so far. I’ve been reading to him and he’s starting to focus on the pages now. We made it about a third of the way through the Hobbit, and he’s already seen his first Doctor Who episode with his dad, so I’m afraid this guy won’t be able to escape being a nerd (but why would you want to? Nerd life is so much fun!)

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Books I’m waiting (im)patiently for

Hokay so….yet again, epic fail on regular posting. But I’m back now, and instead of making promises, we’ll just see how long it lasts.

There are three books coming out in the soon-ish timeframe that I’m really excited about, so without further ado here are MORE things that I have to wait patiently for (besides the arrival of my child).

1. Blood and Betrayal – Emperor’s Edge series number 5 is due out early September, and is probably the book that I’m the most excited about. I mean, book 4 ended on a cliffhanger, so I think it’s understandable. Plus this is my favorite currently-being-written series. (See my series review here)

2. Next planned release is Timekeeper, the sequel to Timepiece (review here). It should be out by late September, but the release date has been pushed back once already, so we’ll see if it actually hits shelves (my kindle) on time.

3. Last up is The Mark of Athena, due out Oct 2. This is the third book in Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus series, which I cannot believe I have not yet reviewed (spoiler alert: Strongly Recommended). The Heroes of Olympus series is the continuation and expansion of his Percy Jackson series (spoiler alert: also Strongly Recommended. There’s a movie. I can review that right here: “Don’t watch it.”)

While waiting very, very patiently for these books to come out, I’ve been rereading some old favorites, AND I have several books on my “need to read” list. More on that later…

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News and a promise

For the three of you out there who read my blog, I just wanted to give an update on the blog and where I see it going. I’ve not posted much in the past few months (yes, that is a huge understatement) because I’ve got some things going on in the real world that have made it difficult. The biggest thing is that I’m pregnant, which I’m very excited about, but with the  morning sickness (it’s not as fun as it looks in the movies) and the exhaustion (going to bed at 7:30 p.m. does not really lend itself to evenings spent curled up with a book) I just haven’t been doing a whole lot of reading.

BUT! This is my public declaration to you and to myself that I’m going to get back in the habit of reading and blogging. I don’t see this becoming a Mommy Blog at all, but I may start including some children’s book reviews, especially in the sci fi/fantasy/mystery categories. There are so many great kid’s books out there (one of my favorite things about being pregnant is that I have an excuse to start actually acquiring some. Ok, “lots” not “some”.) and many of the books I read at a young age helped pique my interest in both mysteries and sci fi/fantasy.

So that’s where I see things going, and I’m hoping to get on track to post maybe once a week or so. Let me know if there are any book reviews you’d like to see up on earlier rather than later!

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Harry Potter Series Now Available in E-book Formats…

…but they’re not going to make it easy for you.

If you want to get the e-books ($7.99 for the first three, $9.99 for the last four) you can find them on most sites that sell e-books (including Amazon and B&N), but to complete the purchase, you get routed to the “Pottermore” shop where you have to set up an account to finally get your book.

On the plus side when you buy any of all of these books, you can download it to just about any device out there – Kindle, Nook, iPhone/iPad, home computers, etc. On the downside, you have to go through the rigamarole mentioned above. Granted, none of this should take very long, but I hate having to set up accounts to buy things. As long as I’m giving you my money in exchange for your product, why should I have to register myself in addition to all the personal details you get when I put in my credit card info? Also, as a Kindle user myself, I love the “one click buy” button. I find what I want, click a button, and it magically shows up on my Kindle a few seconds later. You can’t get any easier than that.

Another downside is the price. I don’t buy many books (paper books or e-books), but I finally broke down and bought the Harry Potter series a few months ago. I paid on average less than $6 per book – and they would have cost a lot more to produce than an e-book.

I’m glad that these books are now available (legally) for e-readers.I respect Rowling for getting the most money she can for her work. But I won’t be buying them anytime soon.

Anyone bought the e-books? Are they worth it?

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